Friday, 25 October 2013

A guide for gourmet travelers!!!

Culinary vividness is the new reason for travelers to choose their holiday destination. People today prefer to travel the globe in search of places with quality gourmet choices made up of unique flavors and spices. Every corner of the world has its own unique recipes of making cuisines, which very utterly describes its culture. If you are a food lover and want to go on a voyage where you can savor different flavors and history of the world, then this article is a good help for you to decide your next destination of travel. Just forget everything, follow your taste buds and your smelling senses, and leave for an adventurous jaunt of sapidities put together by renowned chefs. 

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South of France

South of France holds an international reputation for its impressive fine dining.  Since last 2000 years, the French have recreated its very own and unique form of culinary art, which makes it famous all around the globe. As it is said that France is a synonym for exceptionally mouth watering culinary arts and famous chefs, you just can’t end up your visit hither without tasting each and every renowned dish of the territory.  Not only cuisines, but the world’s best wines are also served hither.


This one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, London serves you with almost every dish you have heard of to satisfy any kind of food craving. Right from a hot noodle bowl to yummy British fish, you will find restaurants which will serve you with cuisines perfectly fitting to your pocket size.
You will love the Gourmet experience in London.

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Famously known as the Capital of Mediterranean diet, Barcelona is a city to be in for food lovers. Catalan cuisine is said to be the healthiest diet in the world and is made out of using legumes, fish, vegetables, olive oil etc. Waffles sold at street stands spellbind passers with its mouth watering smell and are locally very famous. Here you can try out a fine selection of red wines and white wines, like- Priorat, Penedes, Alella etc.

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Italy is not only famous for its impressive historical sites, but also grabs tourist’s attention with yummylicious cuisines and exquisite wines. Food is an important and integral part of Italy’s colorful culture. Every state, city or village you visit, you will get to savor something all different and delicious. In short wherever you go in this country, you would get to relish diversity of tastes and spices.

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Berber, Moorish, and Arab influence can easily be detected in Moroccan cuisines. No doubt that traveler fondly calls Morocco “a magical and mysterious blend of cultural influences”. Delightful taste of the dishes hither is there because of years of friendliness of Morocco with other cultures and nations.

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For all those who live with a myth that Japanese cuisine is all about sushi- they must think about it one more time. The country serves almost every type of dish you would have heard of. Local cuisines of the country are made up by combining staple foods, i.e. Japanese rice and noodles. The main focus while making Japanese dishes is kept on seasonality of food, quality of ingredients and presentation.


Asia’s most loved Cuisine- “the Thai Cuisine” is renowned globally for its aroma and spiciness. Whichever city in the world you choose to spend your vacations at, you would easily get Thai dishes served on your plate. Some famous Thai delicacies are- Spicy Shrimp Soup, Chicken in Coconut Soup, grilled pork, Thai style Fried Noodles, and Spicy Beef Salad. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Best Getaways for Snowfall

Winter is the favorite time of the year for those who love snow fall, cuddling in blankets, sipping hot cappuccino, and enjoy bubbly Jacuzzis. During this season, travel industry goes gaga to provide its customers with best of winter packages. Some destinations which are perfect for vacations during winter season make people forget about sun, sand and surf. Imagine holidaying at a place where all you see outside your room window is snow. Be it trees, buildings, roads, rivers, cars, everything hither stays covered under crystal clear white blanket which makes it all look mesmerizing from every angle. Some cities which embrace the winter season and offer you plenteous activities to do and enjoy are:

New York City

In New York, winters are not about getting bored inside your apartment or hotel room. The city offers you enough of activities to enjoy during this time of the year, like - Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve, Kwanzaa, Chinese Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, skiing, NY Chili Fest, Fondue Night and a lot more.

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Granada, Spain

With magnificent views and lively surroundings this city makes sure to serve its visitors with best winter experience ever. 

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Boston, Massachusetts

From skating to just a simple walk, Boston’s chilly winters and spell binding snow fall makes every activity hither worth enjoying. 

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West Yellowstone, Montana

Right from October, this beautiful city of Montana covers itself under the fine quilt of snow. People here are lively and activities that you get to enjoy in West Yellowstone are numerous. 

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Washington, D.C.

Not only the US’s capital but this city beautiful also enjoys the title of being the winter capital too. Washington D.C looks resplendent during cold months of the year. Finding people indulging into snow ball fights is quit a common thing to witness hither at this time of the year. 

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By :Asif Khan