Thursday, 17 May 2012

Explore the city in garden - Christchurch

English touch of Christchurch can impress any visitor with it’s unlike architectural diverseness and culture. It is the largest city of the South Island of New Zealand and attracts millions of tourist every year from across the globe. Whole city is covered up under the canopy of lush green trees, thus automatically giving a new name to the metropolis, i.e. “the Garden City”  Christchurch offers some of the best audacious sports options to the visitants, such as fishing, surfing, skiing, hiking, cycling and the list goes on.  There is not one, but many reasons that make this tremendous city as the most descended one in whole New Zealand. From shopping to adventure and from relaxation to going explorative,

Christchurch has everything to make your trip fantabulous, from high mountain peaks and glaciers, alpine hot pools, lakes and rivers, the ocean with magnificent beaches and some of the world’s rarest marine life. The city possesses the highest-quality water supplies in the world, rated one of the purest and cleanest water in the world. The architecture of the metropolis is highly Gothic, which you discover while exploring buildings like- Christchurch Cathedral, the Canterbury Museum, Christ’s College School, and the former University of Canterbury and the Arts centre.

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