Monday, 2 July 2012

Holidays to Wellington

Wellington, which is also known as ‘the Windy City’ serves as the capital of New Zealand. This scenic metropolis is environed by hills and furrowed coastline giving it a picturesque view, which visitants love to capture in their cameras for their everlasting memories. Despite of the town’s compact size, it offers intermix of heritage, arts, diverse cultures, fine food and an array of entertainment.

Wellington is the center of all the political activities in New Zealand and thus is the home to many famous government buildings, which you can explore during your visit. Apart from these buildings, this capital city has a whole plethora of adventuresome activities to indulge into. You can visit- Te Papa, City Gallery, Elmscourt, Old St Paul's, Museum of Wellington City & Sea, Frank Kitts Park, Mount Victoria and Mount Kaukau, on your Wellington excursion.

Shopping at Wellington is something that interests every visitor.  There are markets, shopping malls, designer boutiques and high-end shopping outlets; you can satisfy your craving of shopping by buying stuff from here. This effervescent metropolis has an emancipated outlook towards everything and thus gives an unlike feel to its visitors to cherish for their lifetime.

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