Thursday, 18 October 2012

Splendor Beauty of Dar es Salaam

Beautiful to the core, Dar es Salaam truly signifies the meaning of its name- ‘Heaven of Peace’.  It was founded by Sultan Seyyid Majid in the year 1862. During its initial days this magnificent metropolis used to be a small fishing village and now has totally taken over as the largest, as well as economically and socially important city of Tanzania. Many cheap flights to Dar es Salaam fly from every major airport from across the globe.

Dar es Salaam is a potpourri of South Asian, African and Muslim cultures. From its cuisines, traditions, art and environs you would get to feel a little bit of every faith. To entertain yourself during your stay hither you can explore the local beaches, beautifully constructed historical buildings, and local bustling markets. Visiting Dar es Salaam is an experience in itself in many ways which can’t be explained or felt by words, it is a place to be relished and witnessed through your own eyes. 

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