Thursday, 2 May 2013

Impressive wild life of Harare

Harare is the largest and the capital city of Zimbabwe. Also known as the ‘Sunshine City’, this metropolis has many reasons for which travelers from different corners of the globe descend hither. Its vivid variety will impress you for sure, but the main attraction that seem to spell global tourists mind is its ferocious wild life. At Harare’s wildlife reserves you would get to confront varied species of animal, birds and plants.

Main attractions that exhibit the wildlife of Harare in a better way are- Mukuvisi Woodlands, Lion and Cheetah Park, Kuimba Shiri Bird Gardens and Snake World, Larvon Bird Gardens and more. With affordable accommodation options, the city gives its tourists an unforgettable holiday experience. If you are looking for some good adventurous break from your daily schedule then Harare can for sure woo you with something you have always dreamt about and something that is different from rest. 

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