Wednesday, 13 November 2013

City of Shopaholics- Dubai

Whenever one thinks of exploring a new destination during his/her holidays, the first thing which takes a toll on his mind is shopping choices. Somewhere we all love shopping and constantly seek for unique things to bargain for. If you are a travel freak and shopping interests you, then Dubai is the city for you. Dubai is a Mecca for duty free purchasing. Also known as the ‘shopper’s paradise’, this city celebrates magnificent shopping festival every year, which is visited by travelers from all around the world. This year also this splendid extravaganza of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is scheduled from 2nd January 2014 to 2nd February 2014. 

Beginning of the festival
Initiated by the government of Dubai in the year 1996 the festival till now is attended by over 40 million visitors. The main motto behind starting this event was to promote more and more tourism in the city. Now people eagerly wait for the shopping festival to plan out their vacations in Dubai. 

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Discounted Shopping
Who doesn’t like discount shopping? At Dubai shopping festival you can bargain for products which are duty free. Right from jewellery to watches and perfumes to electronics, whatsoever is in your mind to decorate your wardrobe or home with, can be purchased hither. Shopping atmosphere which brings lively vibes to the surroundings is loved by all. Different souks are colonized here. Visit any souk and get ready to mesmerize your mind thoroughly.
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Events and Entertainment during DSF 
DSF is not limited to bargaining, shopping and lucky draws, but many entertaining events also take place here. Many known names and celebrities are invited here from all over the world. Some events are specifically carried forward to protrude the impressive Arabian culture and its traditions. Just to give DFS a new touch every year the organizers of the event make sure to introduce fresh events every year. The festival starts with colorful opening ceremony, continued with glittery fireworks and light shows giving a tremendous commence to the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

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By :Asif Khan

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