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The Ethiopian Wonder - Addis Ababa

Do you have Ethiopia on your mind for a small getaway? You are on the right track.

The capital city of a wonder land and the economic centre to the fast developing nation of Ethiopia, the spectacular Addis Ababa is calling you. In Ethiopian language Addis Ababa means 'New Flower'. Quite an appropriate title that is! This remarkable land explored by many vacationers is the largest city of Ethiopia. The city was discovered by Emperor Menelik in the year 1887. Being the centre of a diverse country, this territory is a home to 80 nationalities, which gives a howling touch to the city's environment.

Perched on the foothill of Entoto Hill, Addis Ababa is a city of sophisticated tradition and it proudly flaunts its enriching legacy. Royal history of this enigmatic terrain is indeed worth exploring.  Historical museums, art galleries and period monuments speak for themselves and the keep the travellers enchanted for days after the vacation.

Addis Ababa, along with its historical treasure, exhibits a strong affluence of progression and development. Let us explore this beautiful metropolis, which is a perfect mixture of past and present, in its real avatar.
Seasons for the Reasons.

Cathedral church-Addis-Ababa
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Addis Ababa enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, which is perfect for vacationing. The bad days are the rainy days; from the month of June to August every year. During rainy season the only thing that can spoil the fun is that you won't be able to discover the city completely as the roads get muddy and sloppy. Therefore, vacationers make it a point to check for the weather report before booking the flights to Addis Ababa.

Sites for the Sight
The capital city of Ethiopia is replete with some of the best architectural monuments in the country. Ethiopian National Museum, Africa Hall, Parliament Building, St George's Cathedral, Menelik's Old Imperial Palace, Netsa Art Village, Derg Monument and many more famous structures give ample reasons for a gorgeous holiday in Addis Ababa.

Fun and Excitement
Are you looking for adventure while in Addis Ababa, well don’t stress, the options are bounteous. You can enjoy the amusing wild life safari, go hiking, take pleasure in hassle-free camping, go for the thrill of biking, explore mountain climbing or you can simply discover the city up close and personal, which is a memorable adventure in itself.

Food for Thought and More
Ethiopia is a mixture of many nationalities and so is the capital Addis Ababa. This acts as the reason that one sees many influences in the cuisine. Versatility is the quintessence of food here. Gastronomic preparations from various corners of the world make to the tables of small eateries and lavish restaurants in the city. The best part is that satisfying your taste buds comes at extremely reasonable cost; hence, relishing the delicacies won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Shopping Rendezvous
The ecstatic land is speedily rising as a fashion hub in Ethiopia with its heart-stealer shopping options. From designer wear to local handmade curios, you would get to shop for anything and everything to style-up your

shopping places to see in Addis Ababa
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