Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ten Cheap Beach Destinations

The best way to enjoy summers is a trip to an exotic beach. We all dream of lying on a beach with a wine glass in hand and watch the sun go down. But, with everything getting so expensive, it is not possible all the time to fit a trip in your family budget.

Yet, if you are wise and smart, choosing the right beach destination is a good idea. This will reduce the travel cost drastically and you will end up enjoying the sun and the sand without burning a hole in your pocket. Almost all warm weather destinations are cheaper in the summers therefore, plan your holidays during that time of the year.

Here are ten cheapest beach destinations around the world that you can enjoy without any financial pressure.

Dubrovnik, Croatia, offers beaches that rival those in Eastern Europe and the scenic beauty of this place is spectacular. Instead of going to the expensive Italy or Greece, enjoy the beauty of Dubrovnik and come back invigorated.

Dubrovnik beach, Croatia
Image courtsey:layoverguide.com
Mombasa in Kenya is famous worldwide as one of Africa's major tourist destinations and is home to some of the best exotic beaches in the world: With amazing marine life, luxurious hotels and hospitable people, the second largest city in Kenya attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.

Nungwi beach in Tanzania on Zanzibar Island in Indian Ocean is not that far from the famous Mauritius, RĂ©union and Seychelles Islands. It is clean and offers a great view to visitors. It is easy on the pocket too.

Puerto Viejo, on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday under your budget.

Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
Image courtsey:seahorseadventures.wordpress.com
Destin is an inexpensive stretch of beach that spans 100 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. With moderately priced resorts and restaurants, it is perfect for a holiday with family or a big gang of friends.

Paradise Beach, in Mykonos, Greece, is a good option for a cheap vacation in the Mediterranean. It is one of the biggest and most inexpensive party beaches in the world, with clubs and bars all over the area.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, is a cheap beach vacation for people who love nature. Hiking, trails and sightseeing are some of the bonuses you get at cannon beach.

Cannon Beach
Image courtsey:theoceanlodge.com
The island of Malta is again an excellent choice as it suits everyone's budget. The reason is that it is a tiny island so your travel cost is minimal.

Patara Beach in Turkey and its surrounding area with Taurus Mountains in the background is an excellent place for those who want adventure.

Located at the southern end of Ocracoke Island in North Carolina on the east coast of US, Ocracoke beach is the best in America. It is an isolated place that brings calmness to the mind.

Go ahead and plan that most-awaited beach holiday without worrying about the expenses!

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