Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fascinating Venice

Venice is a dream travel destination of a large number of people around the world. Located in northern Italy. It is a highly rewarded city due to its unique location, grand architectural splendor and artworks. It is positioned on lagoon and a vast network of canals flow through it. You can too take pleasure in holidaying in this magical place. If vacation to a unique holiday destination is on your mind, contact your travel agents and book flight to Venice.

Venice consists of 117 bodies of land connected by more than 400 bridges over its 150 canals. From past few centuries, these canals are used as roads for transportation purpose. Taking a ride in gondola and gazing at the beautiful buildings is the perfect way to explore the beauty of this elegant city.  There are an array of beautiful buildings, government offices and splendid churches, bridges and other structures.Other than architecture and artworks, the city is also popular worldwide for its wining, dinning locations, music, festivals, markets, plazas etc. However, a few must visit destinations are mentioned below:

Saint Marks Basilica:- It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Venice.  The famous building appeals different people in different ways.  It is a very important religious site that was consecrated in 832AD.  The architectural design of the building is amazing for numerous reasons. Venetian buildings blend styles from both the east and the west in terms of design.  There is also a decent amount of important artwork located within the building that is also worth seeing.  Saint Mark’s Basilica is routinely rated as one of the best places to visit in the city, and most tourists leave the city with a number of photographs of this absolutely gorgeous building.

Grand Canal :- Canal Grande is the main thoroughfare of Venice. It's full of all kinds of boats and lined with beautiful buildings. Tourists can take a ferry to St. Marks church, walk around the quaint streets and observe how people live in this enchanting city.

Doge’s Palace:- Tourists also must pay visit to Palazzo Ducale on the St. Marks square. It is one of the most impressive buildings in Venice.When you will reserve your cheap Venice flights, you’ll find that the palace was an important political and judicial hub of Venetian government in 1797.
A trip to Venice is surely one of the most memorable experiences in life of every traveler. Arrange a tour to this amazing city and enjoy your vacations there.

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