Saturday, 8 October 2011

Beautiful San Francisco for Urban Adventurers

San Francisco is located in state of California in America. The place has a wide range of tourist spots for all type of tourists. Whether you are coming to San Francisco for the first time or a second time or been several times, the place feels new everytime one visits here.  Enjoy your vacations in the beautiful cosmopolitan.This gorgeous place is full of tourist attractions like museums, art galleries, theme parks, restaurants, night clubs, and expansive green spaces. One can visit few interesting and popular sites there. Other than the tourist destinations, San Francisco is also famous for its chilled winters, steep rolling hills, blend of Victorian and modern architecture. Let’s meditate upon some rational reasons for a traveler to visit this city and book his/her cheap flights to San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is perhaps the most popular landmark. Someone has beautifully described it as “awesome work of a man on the scale of nature”. One can enjoy the breath taking view of this panoramic strand while crossing it or perhaps the most romantic approach to enjoy the beauty of The Golden Gate ride is from the sea.

Secondly riding a cable car can also be total fun in San Francisco. They are considered one of the San Francisco’s signatures. This kind of transportation system was designed to deal with the steep slopes within the city. While slowly moving in a cable car, a traveler can enjoy the sights, sounds and smell of the city. It is one of the best ways to observe and learn about daily life in this fast city.

Other than the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, a walk on San Francisco’s Baker Beach can be a wonderful experience. The strong currents in the ocean make it unsuitable for swimming but one can spend quality time fishing and walking along the beach and admiring the beauty of The Golden Gate.

Apart from these popular tourists joints, visiting Chinatown, Japanese Tea Garden, and Muir Woods will leave you with rich memories of a unique holiday experience. The city is also a shopper’s haven. One can shop out for everything from local “made in San Francisco souveniers to international brands of apparels, jewellery, fashion accessories etc.  Thus, if the urban adventurer in you wants to explore our beautiful planet then visit this dynamic city.

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