Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Treat Yourself with Short vacations to Barcelona

Are you planning to take a short vacation? Today, each individual is dealing with some kind of strain. Generally, people feel low energy levels and dullness after following routine work over longer duration of time. In such a scenario, taking a short vacation tours to interesting destination can have huge benefits. Barcelona is one such beautiful getaway destination where you can enjoy happy times with family or friend’s circle. Plan a trip to Barcelona and take along with you rich memories of an exhilarating travel experience.

Barcelona is the second most populous and economically most active city in Spain, besides the Spanish capital, Madrid. The city is an eclectic blend of ancient and modern. On one side, visitors can witness a city who has proved its will to be modern by following latest international trends while on the other end, beautifully sculptured ancient buildings and monuments here reveal the story of a graceful past.

Whether you are travelling in family circles, along with friends or all alone, Barcelona will delight you with its dynamism and versatility. There are innumerable tourist attractions which will appeal you when you will descend here on cheap Barcelona flights. Here’s a list of tourist spots which visitors must see during their short vacations to this amazing city -

Sagrada Familia – If you have a certain fascination for splendid architectural works and ancient buildings, Sagrada Familia will be an interesting spot to explore. It is popular as one of the most impressive works of renowned architect Antonio Gaudi. Its construction began in 1882 and is still going on. It is the perfect spot to appreciate the architectural brilliance of Spain.

L’Aquarium de Barcelona – If you are travelling along with your young ones, they’ll never be able to forget L’Aquarium de Barcelona. You and your family can enjoy the sight of wide variety of animals which belong to 450 different species. This interesting marine aquarium was opened in 1995. It has emerged as an important leisure and educational centre in Barcelona. An entertaining short vacation to Barcelona will rejuvenate you to the core and will help you to connect with yourself and people around you. Witness the best of this charming city by booking cheap flight tickets to Barcelona.
Picasso Museum – It is another worth visiting spot in Barcelona. This museum is a haven for arts enthusiasts. One can find Picasso paintings arranged in chronological order here starting from the earliest works of the great artist. A large number of tourists visit this very popular art gallery every year.

Visit all these places and much more during your special short vacations here. Embark on a refreshing journey and explore this amazing city in your own style.

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