Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Magnificent New York

New York is the most populous city of United States and is located on the world’s largest natural harbors. It is a perfect destination for a small holiday vacation. No one can get bored here as the city offers something for every age and appreciation.It is an important center for international affairs and is widely deemed the cultural capital of the world.

The life style culture and ever rushing life can fascinate anybody. Places like Brooklyn Bridge, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, Central Park, Charging Bull, Chrysler Building, Chinatown, City Hall, East village, Statue of Liberty and South street Sea port are the few places that can be added on to your list of must visit places on your holiday trip to New York.

Tourism is the liveliest industry of New York. Millions of tourists descend here every year resulting in expansion of the tourism market. New York is framed with five boroughs- Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Here are many places that can be dig into while you visit to the city.The city prominently excels in its spheres of art, cuisine, dance, music, opera, theater, independent film, fashion, museums, and literature. The city is the birthplace of many cultural movements, including the Harlem Renaissance in literature and visual art; abstract expressionism (also known as the New York School) in painting; and hip hop. punk, salsa, disco. All you need to have is plenty of time and a good company to have fun with. Just plan out your trip with either family or friends and book your Flights to New York .

New York’s food culture is world famous; tourists can get a taste of Jewish, Italian and Indian food. Some of the most famous dishes of this metropolis are bagels, cheesecake and pizza. And when it comes to accommodation, the city has options for every pocket size. From five-star hotels to affordable yet comforting motels are available. For shopping freaks the city is said be as Mecca. From high style boutiques to malls, where you can find everything that you have ever wished to own and that to on a very affordable cost. You can visit this city of your dreams by staying in your budget as many cheap flights are available for New York.

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