Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rome – A Haven of Ancient Lovers

Rome is the capital city and largest metropolis of Italy. It appeals as a dream city to travelers with breathtaking sightseeing and elegant ancient monuments, art works. Old and new, present and past go hand in hand. Most of the ancient cities in the world portray interesting dichotomies or contrasts of antique and contemporary architectural works, art forms, culture, lifestyle, beliefs etc. If you too find sense of joy and fascination in discovering old cities, then Rome can be truly an enchanting travel destination for you. The city will appeal you as a charming middle aged woman whose beauty has not diminished with the time and who still has plenty to offer. You can book cheap flights to Rome in advance and broaden your knowledge of ancient civilization, architecture, history, culture.

Rome is located on the banks of river, Tiber. It is recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful and influential metropolis in Italy. The city has witnessed an eventful history which spanned over two and half thousand years. Rome is bustling with magnificent churches, squares, glorious fountains, statues and impressive ancient ruins. Tourists can spend wonderful time visiting these incredible attractions or can simply enjoy lazy afternoons in various delightful roadside restaurants.

Your trip to Rome can not be complete without a visit to the ancient Roman monument, Colosseum. One must visit this historical heritage to take a glimpse of rich past, and architectural and engineering genius of ancient Roman civilization. Built in 72 AD, Colosseum is perhaps the most impressive Roman monument that still reveals tales of Imperial Roman Empire. It was a huge amphitheater with seating capacity of over 55,000 viewers. Colosseum was used as a public entertainment venue where gladiator contests, dramas such as mock sea battles, animals hunts, re-enactments of famous battles were organized. Although now the site appears bit more than a ruin, Colosseum is still regarded as an important architectural achievement of ancient Romans.

Pantheon is another opulent monument in Rome. The building was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa and further reconstructed by Emperor Hadrian in about 126 AD.  Pantheon came into being as a temple to all pagan gods. Later in 609, it was converted into a Christian church and during the renaissance period, it was used a tomb. You can explore Pantheon and other top ancient ruins in Rome in your own style by booking your cheap flights to Rome.

Besides, Colosseum and Pantheon, St Peter’s Bascilica is regarded as the holiest centre of Christianity. It is home to the greatest spiritual leader - Pope of catholic Christians. It is a symbolic location where chief apostle, Saint Peter was laid to rest in 64 AD. Christian devotees from across the globe visit this impressive building.In nut shell, A tour to Rome involves a unique opportunity to see impressive sights and learn about a powerful ancient Empire in the world.

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